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Tannery Colombian Leather

cow leather supplier

cow leather supplier, tannery colmbian leathr

Tannery Colombian leather is a tannery located in Choconta-Colombia; leader in the commercialization of its bovine leathers throughout the national and international market, being recognized for its artisan processes, materials and innovative designs.

tannery colmbian leather, cow leather supplier

With more than 40 years of experience in the tanning and marketing of bovine hides, Tannery Colombian Leather ensures that it provides you with the most appropriate and highest quality leather for each of your different leather projects.

cow leather supplier, tannery colombian leather

We love to get involved with new clients who can trust us with their most ambitious projects to achieve them together with them; For this reason, Tannery Colombian Leather is always looking for leather enthusiasts around the world to whom they can share their passion for leather through their best collection of bovine leather.

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