Tannery Colombian Leather

Cow leather supplier

Tannery Colombian leather is a leader tannery located in Choconta-Colombia which commercializes its cow leather along the international markets being recognized by its craft processes, materials and innovative designs.

With more than 40 years of experience in the leather industry, Tannery Colombian Leather ensures to provide its clients with the most suitable cow leather for each of their different leather projects.

We love to get involved with new customers that can rely on us with their ambitious projects to Accomplish Them Together; That is why Tannery Colombian Leather is always searching for Leather Passionate People around the world, so we can bring our passion for leather to them through our Best Colombian Bovine Hides Selection.

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Curtidos TCL 
A TCL GROUP S.A.S. Company
Contacto: (+57)-320-821-9165 - (+57)-310-793-0051
Correo: sales@curtidostcl.com - ventas@curtidostcl.com
Dirección: Finca el porvenir, km 59 Vereda chingacio Costado occidental Choconta- Colombia.
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